About Tina

Why are you running for office?

I am needed and I know that I can make a difference. There are people who are counting on me to stand up for the children and families of our community and I cannot let them down. I have devoted the majority of my 20-year legal career to working with families and children. I am by far the most qualified candidate for this position and it is my purpose and duty to use the skills and knowledge that has been imparted to me to help others. There is no replacement for the insight that I gained while presiding over these cases for over 11 years. That combined with the knowledge that I have gained working on the front lines with service agencies, organizations, providers, mediators, the legal community, and the families impacted allows me to identify and address the needs of our families in ways that others cannot. I know that the right person for the job can have a forever and lasting impact on a child. Our children deserve the best. I will ensure they get it.

Please describe your judicial philosophy.

I will be a rule of law judge. Judges should abide by the law, not create it. I am firmly committed to the family division that was created by MCL 600.1011, as well as the one judge one family rule created by MCL 600.1023. The legislature correctly recognized that family law is different than other types of law. It states that families be served by judges with sufficient expertise in family law, and requires that matters for each family be heard by the same judge/hearing official. I firmly believe that the family division should be preserved in order to best meet the needs of children and families, and conform with statutes. Judges assigned to family law cases must have the core skill sets and specialized training to make decisions that impact the lives of children.